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is an entrepreneur and business leader in the Erie, Pennsylvania, community

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Bruce Stanko is an entrepreneur and business leader in the Erie, Pennsylvania, community. The semi-retired owner and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of nationwide medical suppliers Corry National and U.S. Pharamacare Inc., Stanko is regarded as an adept corporate manager with an effective approach to team-building, communication, and cultivating a productive work environment continually conducive to innovation.

During his career as a top medical products innovator and executive, Bruce Stanko has successfully won two patents in the medical field, including the telephonic pacemaker monitoring device in 1992 and the electrocardiographic signal monitoring system in 1995. Stanko has also taken home a number of accolades during his leadership tenure, including a much-coveted Pittsburgh Business Man of the Year for Patents and Accomplishments award in 1992.

Prior to establishing and building two successful businesses, Bruce Stanko completed the University of Pittsburgh’s undergraduate economics program, earning his Bachelor of Science degree in Economics. Following graduation, Stanko completed a number of graduate classes in the University’s graduate-level economics program.

Stanko is originally from Pennsylvania, having grown up in the Creighton, PA, community. He is an accomplished former football player and avid golfer, rarely missing the opportunity to play a round of 18 at the local course.

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